Adrian Marcato

Adrian Marcato was a PhD student at the University of Melbourne and a past APPRISE student. He is working at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity (as of May 2023).

Adrian has developed a specimen collection protocol to supplement enhanced data collection in the context of pandemic influenza and First Few Hundred Studies. His PhD is focusing on further development of this protocol and liaising with government health departments and stakeholders to work through ethics, governance and study design issues, with the hope of exercising a First Few Hundred study for seasonal influenza. He aims to combine epidemiological and genomic data to help provide a detailed insight into the transmissibility and severity of the influenza strain within households in the early stages of an outbreak.

Project: Combining epidemiological and genomic data from a First Few Hundred Study to gain early insight into an influenza pandemic or epidemic in Australia


Professor Jodie McVernon

Kylie Carville

Associate Professor Peter Massey

Dr James Fielding