What we do

APPRISE activities will result in improved health outcomes for Australians before, during and after infectious disease emergencies

After consulting across Australia, APPRISE has set research priorities, activities and projects to improve Australia’s:

APPRISE activities and projects will create new knowledge that will inform and assist a broad range of stakeholders to prepare for, respond to and recover from infectious disease emergencies. These stakeholders will include governments, communities, frontline responders, healthcare professionals and researchers.

Examples of potential outcomes include:

  • provide evidence for infection prevention strategies so healthcare professionals can rapidly implement best practice in infectious diseases emergencies
  • have established guidelines and research protocols to rapidly inform best clinical and public health interventions
  • educate health professionals on emerging infectious threats
  • evaluate Australia’s response to infection emergencies
  • develop new ways of testing for and diagnosing infectious diseases that can assist remote communities
  • understand and respond to specific issues relevant to an emergency response to infectious diseases in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • train the next generation of research leaders in emergency response to infectious diseases.