APPRISE Annual Meeting 2018 – summary

May 30, 2018

Image: Pandemic scenario – Discussing the potential impacts on pregnant women of a hypothetical influenza infectious emergency  

The 2018 APPRISE Annual Meeting was held in Melbourne on 14 May 2018.

Many of our investigators and collaborators were present, along with the full secretariat and several collaborators, government representatives and early-career researchers. APPRISE was very pleased to welcome the members of our Expert Reference Group who held their first face-to-face meeting.

Introduction and welcome

Session 1: Collaborative projects

Session 2: Don’t panic! Identifying research opportunities in an infectious disease emergency

A workshop-style pandemic scenario. This session presented an infectious disease emergency scenario and seek to identify cross-disciplinary research opportunities and anticipate challenges. Groups of participants discussed the potential impact of a theoretical pandemic flu emergency in people at the animal–human interface, pregnant women, displaced people and 4. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Session 3: Laboratory, clinical and infection prevention research

Session 4: Public health, key populations and ethics research

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