David Anderson

Associate Professor David Anderson was a researcher with the APPRISE Centre of Research Excellence that ended in December 2022.

Associate Professor Anderson is an Honorary Burnet Institute Fellow at Burnet Institute (as of May 2023).

His work has led to a number of commercial products addressing urgent and unmet medical needs, currently in use or entering extensive field trials worldwide (detailed below). He has established an internationally recognised track record in successful innovation leading to major product R&D and validation programs funded by industry, UNITAID/WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Malaria Vaccine Initiative, the US NIH, the Government of Nanjing (PR China), and the Government of Victoria (Australia).

Associate Professor Anderson is an inventor of nine active patent families that are currently the subject of significant translational research grants, and laboratory- and point-of-care diagnostic and prognostic tests in varying stages of commercial development and licensing, including VISITECT® CD4 and VISITECT Syphilis IgA (Omega Diagnostics PLC, Scotland), Assure™ HEV IgM test, HEV IgM ELISA 3.0, and HEV ELISA 4.0 (MP Biomedicals, Singapore), VL-Plasma plasma separator (Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostics, PR China).

He is Founder and CEO/President of Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostic Technology (BioPoint), a Burnet spinoff company established in Nanjing, PR China in 2013 to undertake development, manufacturing and sale of point-of-care diagnostic tests and devices.

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