The story behind the FIRST pandemic network logo design

June 4, 2024

The First Nations Pandemic Research Preparedness Network (FIRST) is excited to launch a new logo for our innovative and essential work program in Australia.

The logo was conceived by Freelance Graphic Designer Ms Carissa Paglino, a descendant of the Wanaruah nation, whose work focuses on bold and distinctive contemporary Aboriginal Graphic Design.

Tasked with using the colours of the APPRISE logo as inspiration, Carissa’s design embraces the idea of First Nations people coming together to learn and share, with a common interest in strengthening the health system and preparing for infectious disease emergencies.

“The logo symbolises the diverse members of the network and communities having meetings and discussions, creating relationships and conducting research and planning about protecting First Nations communities from future pandemics,” Carissa said.

Carissa said the central circles represent the meeting places or communities where people come together, with the small dots denoting the ideas, culture, ideas, stories, experiences, skills and knowledge being learned and shared.

“Around the circle the U shapes represent people who are coming together – the community members, the healthcare professionals and First Nations researchers. The U shapes with sticks symbolise men and the shapes without sticks are women.”

Ms Kristy Crooks, co-Chair of the FIRST Governance Group, said the members of the group were incredibly impressed and excited with how the design embodies the aims of the network.

“We absolutely love the design. The logo is a fantastic addition to our work and gives us the ability to identify ourselves to First Nations communities and healthcare organisations as well as to broader stakeholders and bodies such as governments and public health associations.”


The Australian Partnership for Preparedness Research on Infectious Disease Emergencies (APPRISE) is a network developing research to inform Australia’s emergency response to infectious diseases. APPRISE is leading targeted research programs on First Nations engagement, long COVID and antiviral use while developing and maintaining relationships and research platforms for future pandemic preparedness.

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