Webinar – Managing uncertainty in clinical trials: the role of adaptive trial designs


Webb SManaging uncertainty in clinical trials: the role of adaptive trial designs, GloPID-R webinar, November 2017

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Professor Steve Webb discusses adaptive trial design and how trials can deal with uncertainty and be implement-ready (but modifiable) prior to an epidemic.

Uncertainty about populations, interventions, comparators, effect size, and heterogeneity of treatment effect, applies to all clinical trials, but it particularly affects trials that test the effectiveness of interventions during epidemics. Another major challenge to conducting clinical trials during fast-moving epidemics is the lead-time needed to commence them.

Professor Steve Webb is a Senior Staff Specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at Royal Perth Hospital and a Professor of Critical Care Research in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University. He is a trialist who designs and conducts clinical trials that generate evidence to improve patient care. He is a Chief Investigator for APPRISE.

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