Book: Video-reflexive ethnography in health research and healthcare improvement


Rick Iedema, Katherine Carroll, Aileen Collier, Su-Yin Hor​, Jessica Mesman, Mary Wyer (2019). Video-reflexive ethnography in health research and healthcare improvement. Boca Raton: CRC Press. DOI: 10.1201/9781351248013

This book offers a practical guide to the use of the video reflexive ethnography technique in health and health services research. The use of this method is growing in a range of fields including anthropology, medical sociology, health services research, medical and nursing education, adult education, community development, and qualitative research ethics.

Chapter titles:

  • Introduction
  • The theoretical background of video-reflexive ethnography
  • Preparing for fieldwork and collaborative data construction
  • Recruiting participants for video-reflexive ethnography initiatives
  • Videoing and analysing practices
  • Preparing reflexive sessions
  • Conducting reflexive sessions
  • Evaluating VRE achievements
  • Publishing VRE studies
  • Tying the principal strands of the book together

Related Research Areas

  • Clinical research and infection prevention

Related Cross-cutting Themes

  • Education and Training