Metagenomic characterisation of avian parvoviruses and picornaviruses from Australian wild ducks


Jessy Vibin, Anthony Chamings, Marcel Klaassen, Tarka Raj Bhatta, Soren Alexandersen

Scientific Reports 10, 12800 (2020) DOI:

Ducks can shed and disseminate viruses and thus play a role in cross-species transmission. In the current study, we detected and characterised various avian parvoviruses and picornaviruses from wild Pacific black ducks, Chestnut teals, Grey teals and Wood ducks sampled at multiple time points from a single location using metagenomics. We characterised 46 different avian parvoviruses belonging to three different genera Dependoparvovirus, Aveparvovirus and Chaphamaparvovirus, and 11 different avian picornaviruses tentatively belonging to four different genera Sicinivirus, Anativirus, Megrivirus and Aalivirus. Most of these viruses were genetically different from other currently known viruses from the NCBI dataset. The study showed that the abundance and number of avian picornaviruses and parvoviruses varied considerably throughout the year, with the high number of virus reads in some of the duck samples highly suggestive of an active infection at the time of sampling. The detection and characterisation of several parvoviruses and picornaviruses from the individual duck samples also suggests co-infection, which may lead to the emergence of novel viruses through possible recombination. Therefore, as new and emerging diseases evolve, it is relevant to explore and monitor potential animal reservoirs in their natural habitat.

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