Joint external evaluation tool: International Health Regulations (2005)

The IHR Review Committee on Second Extensions for Establishing National Public Health Capacities and on IHR Implementation (WHA 68/22 Add.1) recommended “…to move from exclusive self-evaluation to approaches that combine self-evaluation, peer review and voluntary external evaluations involving a combination of domestic and independent experts.”

In light of this, WHO, in collaboration with partners and initiatives such as the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), developed the Joint External Evaluation (JEE) process as part of the IHR (2005) Monitoring and Evaluation framework.

The Joint External Evaluation Tool is intended to assess country capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to public health threats independently of whether they are naturally occurring, deliberate, or accidental.

Countries can request a JEE mission to help them identify the most urgent needs within their health system. The JEE will help engage with stakeholders and partners initiatives to support country outbreak and health emergency preparedness.