An ethics framework for making resource allocation decisions within clinical care: Responding to COVID-19


Angus Dawson, David Isaacs, Melanie Jansen, Christopher Jordens, Ian Kerridge, Ulrik Kihlbom, Henry Kilham, Anne Preisz, Linda Sheahan, George Skowronski

Published online – Version 1: 2 April 2020

This ethics framework is designed to help clinicians, hospital administrators and policy makers decide how to allocate clinical health resources as they become scarce within a pandemic such as COVID-19. Such a framework ‘frames’ decision-making – it does not list or stipulate general answers. Much will be left to expert judgment in response to different circumstances as they arise. Instead of listing a set of abstract values, principles and rules, this framework aims to help with decision-making by structuring the relevant issues to be considered in the form of a series of questions and answers to ensure it provides relevant and practical guidance.

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