Understanding host response of severe viral pneumonitis


Expected outcomes for Australia

A new biomarker assay will be developed to enhance pandemic management in Australia by:

  1. Improving patient triage
  2. Enabling fast screening of low-risk patients
  3. Supporting clinical decisions (eg. discharge of low-risk patient for home isolation)
  4. Reducing overcrowding at public hospitals
  5. Ensuring rapid referral of high-risk patients to intensive care units (ICUs)
  6. Helping allocation of precious health resources.


This project assesses host response biomarkers in blood samples from people infected with SARS-CoV-2 and will compare biomarkers across the spectrum of disease – from mild to moderate and severe.


The project will help to answer research questions including:

  • Are there biomarkers to predict disease progression?
  • Can biomarkers highlight mechanistic differences between mild and severe disease?

Related Research Areas

  • Clinical research and infection prevention
  • Laboratory research
  • Public health research