Sentinel Travellers and Research Preparedness Platform for Emerging Infectious Disease – SETREP-ID

SETREP-ID was established in 2017 as an APPRISE-funded prospective research platform to detect and characterise emerging infectious diseases. The platform has two phases: the low disease transmission phase and the emergent disease phase.

The aim of SETREP-ID is to provide a responsive research platform framework that can upscale rapidly, efficiently and flexibly to perform both a broad range of epidemiological, clinical and detailed laboratory data collection for detailed research on a range of infectious diseases in the setting of a disease outbreak. Recruiting sites include the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Austin Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Northern Hospital and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

SETREP-ID had been operating in the low disease transmission phase until the emergence of COVID-19 in Australia in January 2020. It remains in the emergent disease phase for Japanese Encephalitis, Murray Valley Encephalitis and Mpox.