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Outcomes for Australia

The REMAP-CAP platform has the potential to identify treatments for people critically ill with COVID-19 to:

  • reduce mortality
  • reduce the length of stay in an intensive care unit (ICU)
  • or both.


COVID-19 results in life-threatening pneumonia in approximately 10% of patients with diagnosed infection. In early case series, mortality for patients who require mechanical ventilation in ICU has been high (50–60%).

Modelling studies have indicated that ICUs in Australia should prepare for the need to function at up to 200% of existing bed capacity for as long as 20 weeks. There is an urgent need to identify interventions that can be administered to critically ill patients to reduce mortality or reduce ICU length of stay or both.

REMAP-CAP is an existing multi-site international adaptive platform trial that was predesigned to adapt in the event of a pandemic. The platform is designed to contribute to quick learning during a pandemic, permitting multiple potentially effective interventions to be evaluated in series in a population of extremely high risk for death.


  • Generate evidence that can be applied to clinical practice during the pandemic in critically ill patients with COVID-19 infection.
  • Examine the impact of multiple candidate interventions on reducing mortality, reducing the length of intensive care unit admission or both.

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