Podcast – Lucette Cysique on understanding post-viral syndromes

March 20, 2024

How can understanding post-viral syndromes help individuals and communities?

Associate Professor Lucette Cysique speaks with Nesh Nikolic of the Better thinking podcast.

Associate Professor Cysique is a neuropsychologist at Kirby Institute and is a researcher in the APPRISE long COVID initiative. She leads research into the neurocognitive complications of major infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and HIV.

Her research field seeks to understand the cognitive, mental and brain health changes associated with viral infections. Here she shares some knowledge about how the mild cognitive changes associated with some viral infections should not be neglected or dismissed with the comment – ‘it is psychological’.

Podcast highlights

  • 0:30 – About Lucette
  • 2:30 – How Lucette entered this field of research
  • 7:30 – About mild cognitive deficits or impairments
  • 19:55 – The importance of distinguishing normal cognitive ageing from cognitive ageing in people with chronic infections such as HIV
  • 22:00 – How predictive are markers of cognitive impairment?
  • 25:05 – The most prevalent markers or signs of neuropsychological changes
  • 27:00 – What research in this field emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • 37:00 – Long COVID and support for people with symptoms
  • 39:18 – About the APPRISE long COVID initiative in the context of UK approach
  • 46:14 – A global group of experts is currently developing guidelines for doctors and for communities
  • 51:30 – What is needed for a cultural shift in this field?
  • 59:02 – Where can people find more information?

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