David Smith

Clinical Professor David Smith was a researcher with the APPRISE Centre of Research Excellence that ended in December 2022.

Professor Smith studied Medicine at The University of Western Australia, and trained as a Medical Microbiologist/Virologist in Perth, where he currently works as a Medical Microbiologist at PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA (PathWest), and as Director of the QE2 Medical Centre PathWest Network. He is also a Clinical Professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Western Australia, and is Director of the National Influenza Centre and of the Arbovirus Research and Surveillance Unit at PathWest.

Professor Smith serves on many state, national and international committees and advisory groups, including those advising on pandemic influenza, Zika virus and Ebola responses. He is currently Chair of the National Arbovirus and Malaria Advisory Committee, the peak government advisory committee on arboviruses. He has also served two terms as Chair of the national Public Health Laboratory Network, and has been actively involved in the laboratory responses to bioterrorist agents, SARS, MERS, avian and pandemic influenza, Ebola and other emerging threats.

He has a particular interest in public health issues, including mosquito-borne viruses, influenza and other respiratory viruses, emerging infections, new diagnostic technologies, and laboratory-based surveillance.  Professor Smith has authored or co-authored more than 170 book chapters and medical journal articles, as well as many conference presentations.

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