Priyanka Pillai

Priyanka Pillai is the Health Informatics Specialist for APPRISE. Priyanka’s role supports our geographically distributed network of data holders and researchers and provides expert strategic advice to facilitate national and international information sharing.

Collaborative research activities among researchers and data holders will improve Australia’s evidence base for responding to infectious disease emergencies. Priyanka will scope information needs across APPRISE and develop advice on appropriate software, policy, workflows and other change management processes to maximise the use and reuse of existing and emerging research datasets.

Priyanka is also working with University of Melbourne’s Chancellery & Enterprise division and eScholarship Research Centre to augment the University’s digital curation capability by building community of practice, supporting governance for research data and identifying valuable research data assets.

Priyanka comes from a Bioinformatics background and has an MSc Bioinformatics (Computer Science specialisation) from the University of Melbourne. Priyanka’s research has included various informatics projects in the fields of infection and immunity research and cancer research.