Mary Wyer

Dr Mary Wyer was an APPRISE Research Fellow working on infection prevention and control.

She is a Nurse Educator for Biopreparedness at Western Sydney Local Health District and a postdoctoral  researcher based at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research (as of May 2023).

Mary researches collaboratively with healthcare workers, patients and families, using video-reflexive ethnography, to understand and improve local infection prevention and control practices. Her specific focus is on roles patients play in preventing infection transmission.

Find out more about Mary at the International Association of Video-Reflexive Ethnographers website

APPRISE Fellowship Project: Translating IPC research into practice: stakeholder consultation to develop national training and research strategy to prepare Australia’s hospitals for disease

Project: Evaluating video-reflexive methods to improve infection prevention and use of personal protective equipment in Australian hospitals

SupervisorProfessor Lyn Gilbert

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