Janaki Amin

Professor Janaki Amin is an infectious diseases epidemiologist, working across clinical trials, cohort studies and the analysis of routinely collected population data. She is a Professor of Public Health and the course director for the Master of Public Health at Macquarie University. She is also the Director of the Epidemiology and Data Systems Branch in Health Protection, NSW Health. Professor Amin is co-lead of the APPRISE research area: Optimising COVID-19 antiviral use.

Professor Amin’s major fields of research include data linkage studies examining morbidity and mortality in population-based cohorts of people with hepatitis B and C; clinical trials and cohort studies of therapies for the treatment of HIV, hepatitis C and STIs.

These studies have encompassed populations with poor access to therapeutics, people who inject drugs and the LGBTQI+ community. More recently her research has focused on the analysis of routinely collected data to assess the impact of COVID-19.

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