Heather Gidding

Associate Professor Heather Gidding was an APPRISE Research Fellow. She is an  Associate Professor and Principal Research Fellow Clinical and Population Perinatal Research, Royal North Shore HospitalSenior Research Fellow and The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) (as of May 2023).

Heather is an infectious diseases epidemiologist, specialising in the field of vaccine preventable diseases.

Heather has a broad interest in conducting high-quality studies to inform public health practice. She is particularly interested in the evaluation of immunisation programs and the control of Q fever and childhood vaccine preventable diseases. Heather is passionate about maximising the use of routinely collected data for epidemiological research using data linkage and longitudinal data analysis techniques. Her current research uses linked heath and vaccine coverage data to look at who is more likely to have delayed vaccine uptake and why, as well as measure the ‘real world’ vaccine effectiveness in different population groups.

APPRISE Fellowship Project: Population-based surveillance for influenza and SARS-CoV-2 vaccine safety and effectiveness through nationwide data-linkage

Supervisor: Professor Kristine Macartney

Read more about Heather’s COVID-19 project  – National and targeted sero-surveys of population immunity to SARS-COV2 to inform clinical and public health responses.