Alice Michie

Alice Michie is a PhD Candidate at the University of Western Australia, within the School of Biomedical Sciences. Alice holds a Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences and a Masters of Infectious Diseases (Distinction), both obtained at the University of Western Australia.

Alice’s project aims to phylogenetically characterise the mosquito-borne alphaviruses endemic to Western Australia, with a focus on Ross River virus, using next-generation sequencing. The significance of any observed genetic variability, in terms of virulence and human health, will then be investigated.

Project: Phylogenetic and biological characterisation of endemic Western Australian alphaviruses


Associate Professor Allison Imrie (Principal Supervisor)

Clinical Professor David Smith (Co-Supervisor)

Professor John Mackenzie (Co-Supervisor)

Dr Alice Michie has completed her PhD:

Genome-scale phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis of medically important Australian alphaviruses and phenotypic investigation