Communicable Diseases Control Conference 2019 – starts 19 November 2019

November 19, 2019

Communicable Diseases Control Conference 2019 – in Canberra, 19–21 November 2019

Conference theme: Controlling communicable diseases – mobilising evidence, action and partnerships

The Conference theme “will cover persistent and emerging issues for infectious disease control in Australia and the region. These issues include emergence or re-emergence of infectious agents, complex outbreaks, resistant microorganisms, genomics, and effective interventions, along with high rates of disease in rural and remote Australia. The theme highlights the importance of the generation and transfer of evidence into policy and practice and invites an exploration of alternative forms of western scientific evidence, such as Indigenous knowledge systems.”

The conference is convened by the Communicable Diseases Network Australia, the Public Health Laboratory Network and the Public Health Association of Australia.

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