APPRISE Early Career Researcher Travel Scholarships

July 9, 2019

APPRISE is offering early career researcher travel scholarships to support and contribute to career development-related travel.

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An APPRISE Early Career Researcher Travel Scholarship can be used for:

  • an international or national conference presentation
  • relevant training and development opportunities
  • invited presentations or visits
  • other similar opportunities.

The travel should align with the research activities of APPRISE, which can be found on the APPRISE website at:

Who is eligible?

Eligible APPRISE Early Career Researcher Travel Scholarship applicants:

  • are working on APPRISE-related research projects led by APPRISE chief investigators, associate investigators or senior researchers
  • are current APPRISE PhD students or postdoctoral researchers who completed their PhD within the last five years (since January 2014)
  • can demonstrate how the conference or training opportunity will advance their career and knowledge of infectious diseases emergency preparedness and response
  • can provide proof of pending research-related travel such as a letter of acceptance
  • are sponsored by an APPRISE Chief or Associate Investigator

How do I apply?

Submit an online application providing:

  • your name, institution and contact details
  • purpose of your travel and travel dates
  • full budget details including:
    • fees, airfares, accommodation and other travel related expenses
    • secured (or applied for) travel funds from other sources
  • a 100-word summary of your current APPRISE research project
  • a 250-word summary of how the travel:
    • assists your current and future career development
    • aligns with APPRISE research activities.

Also forward to

  • your one-page CV
  • conference abstract (if applicable).

When do I apply?

Calls for applications will be made quarterly but may be considered at other times if applicants can justify their need. There will be two application rounds in 2019; applications will be received between the following dates:

  • 8 – 22 July 2019
  • 2 – 16 October 2019

Applications rounds will also occur in late January, April, July and October 2020.

Download the flyer to read more about:

  • How the scholarship will be awarded
  • When will the scholarship be awarded
  • Contact information